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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am feeling great today! Yesterday afternoon, I got to relax for a whole hour as Pamela worked her magic on my neck and shoulders. Sitting at the desk all day maybe does not seem strenuous, but the benefits of massage reward all types of professions. I need to be more regular about going in. It is just one of those things I think we all need to give ourselves. I usually have a hard time relaxing for a whole hour but Pamela made me want to stay for three! I had never had a full body massage and could not believe how great my legs felt when I was done. Thanks Pamela!

Today is the Farmers Market. Stop by Court Square from 4-7 if you can. I have been eating lettuce fresh out of my garden for over a week now and let me tell you, it is wonderful. If you don't grow it, we have vendors picking today so you can enjoy!

Not a famous quote but my favorite from the weekend:

My 6 year old neighbor arrived at a party the same time as us. We all were carrying in our crock pots and plates of food. He too was carrying a large crock pot (what a helper :) and kicking his sweatshirt as he had dropped it and needed to get it to the house. I said "wouldn't it be easier to pick up your sweatshirt and carry it?
He responded "I can't! I am full-handed!"

How cute is that.
Have a great day!

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