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Friday, June 11, 2010

Go vegan; save the planet

Before I start with all my interesting facts on how reducing the meat, poultry, and fish we eat can positively effect our planet, I want to say I love these foods as much as most Americans. But these changes are something each of us can do easily (easier than reducing how much we drive) to change our greenhouse gas emissions, and have a larger impact.

There is a movement called "Meatless Monday," "an initiative in association with the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, that states if all Americans skipped their daily eight ounces of meat one day per week, we could save more emissions over the course of a year than if we gave up traveling by cars, trains, planes, and ships combined."

20% of man made greenhouse gases emitted each year comes from raising livestock for food, one of the largest contributors.
Going vegan saves 1 1/2 tons of Co2 eq, compared to the average American diet.
16 times more fossil fuels are needed to create one steak than to produce a plate of broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, and rice.
Cows expel methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more potent than Co2.
98 pound of beef, 67 pounds of pork, and 102 pounds of chicken are produced for each American annually
77% of U.S. soybeans and 46% of U.S. corn feed farm animals.

There are many food sources for protein, we should eat daily about 1/2 gram per pound of body weight; yogurt, eggs, cheese, legumes, beans, nuts, soy, grains, fruits and veggies are all great sources of protein. For more information, recipes, protein count, or to find books on the subject visit ."How to be a Healthy Vegetarian," Body & Soul Magazine.

Have a Great Weekend! Pamela

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