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The purpose of Keystone Women's Circle is to unite, support and promote women business owners. A keystone is the stone in an arch that binds all others in place. In a circle of stones, every stone is a keystone. We believe that together we can create a foundation, not of brick and mortar, but of relationships and mutual support, enabling all of us to prosper.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It takes a Village

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise children. With school out and many kids biking and playing throughout town, I urge everyone to please be aware of all that is going on around you. Be nosey, listen to kids as they play, and if you feel something is not right, take action. Too many times the news reports bullying etc. taking place and observing citizens afraid to step in. So lets all make a promise to our children and the safety of all kids, that we will not stand by and watch!

Throwing a summer party? Be sure you have enough liability on your home owners policy and that it will cover where your event is being held. Accidents do happen and you may find yourself financially responsible! It pays to ask the questions before it is too late.

Farmers Market today from 4-7.
Enjoy the day!

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