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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a great and safe memorial weekend.
I had the most amazing weekend.
My family and I went to a friends cabin that was about 5 hours up north. The trip wasn't the fun part! The kids were soo excited that I think I was deaf by the time we reached the cabin. At one point I bribed the kids, If they could be completely quiet for 10 minutes they both got a quarter and miracle of miracles they did it!!!!! I started reminicing of family vacations I went on with my family when I was younger and I understand my parents a lot better now. I remember my parent pulling over onto gravel roads and making us all run ( there were 5 of us) when we got tired they would let us back in (or when we promised to be quiet). Or a favorite game of my moms... little red school house 1,2,3..
the object of the game was to see who could stay the quiet the longest:-) I don't think I understood the point of the game at the time. I tried it with my kids on this trip but they thought it was funny to try and make the other one laugh, so it actually made them even louder (if that was possible). But we made it all in one piece and my hearing eventually came back. The rest of the weekend we did a lot of fishing. My daughter caught a snapping turtle!! Hooked the leg with the hook and reeled it in. Of course that had to be thrown back! Son caught a big northern. He didn't like that we ate it for supper, It probably didn't help that they named every fish they caught:-) We all went 4 wheelin and had bonfires and saw all kinds of animals, raccoons and porcupines and tons of deer. There was even a black bear around. It was soo much fun. 3 days of no tv!! And we didn't even miss it. It was great to see the kids be soo active and be able to spend so much quality time together. Of course its always nice to come home again. But will definetly look forward to the next vacation.

Readers....Im curious to hear about some other tricks your parents used to keep you quiet on family vacations. Or if anyone else has something that works for their family, please let me know. I might use it on my next trip.

Sarah Bran de León

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