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Friday, July 30, 2010

Eating fresh

Our Garden is loving today's rain.  (Actually so am I.  I may finally get the bathrooms cleaned if I can't be outside)
We have picked a ton of Cucumbers and are eating them fresh like crazy.  I have also done some pickling and will enjoy them all winter long.  Not only are they good for you to eat there are many other uses for the easy to grow vegy. You can find all of the information on the web. If you do not grow them, the Farmers Market always has plenty of locally grown items for a great price. I found this information today while looking for new recipes and thought I had to share.    

Conventionally grown cucumbers, like other fragile vegetables, may be waxed to protect them from bruising during shipping. Plant, insect, animal or petroleum-based waxes may be used. Carnauba palm is the most common plant-source wax. Other compounds, such as ethyl alcohol or ethanol, are added to the waxes for consistency, milk casein (a protein linked to milk allergy) for "film formers" and soaps for flowing agents. Since you may not be able to determine the source of these waxes, this is another good reason to choose organically grown cucumbers.
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So if you are in the mood for some ethyl alcohol with your cukes, you may have to head to a conventional store.  If you like yours without, give me a call. I have plenty and would love to share!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Fahey

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