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Monday, July 5, 2010

Being as busy as I have been this last month I decided to have a little break this 4th of July weekend.  My brother-in-law has a camping area by Mille Lacs lake in Garrison.  All of the in-laws were there since Friday, my boys included (I refer to my husband and my son of 14 years as "my boys").  After some deep thought I decided to close the shop early on Saturday and head "up-north." The drive was nice, traffic was moving smoothly and I was in a zone making sure I didn't think about anything seriously.  I am on a mini vacation.  Nothing needs to be solved within the next 24 hours.  It can wait.  I would say that I was practicing a form of "walking meditation."  (Except I was driving of course) Being aware of what was going on around me.  What kind of vehicles were on the road, wondering where they were going and what kind of story they had.  Being aware of the trees, what kind of birds and animals were out and how the car felt as it hugged the road.  It was very relaxing just being in the moment.
I arrived at the camping area at 6:30pm.  Everyone was coming in from the lake all bronzed and red faced from the day of boating.  It was nice to see everyone again.  After a great meal of hamburgers and brats on the grill we settled in for the night looking forward to the next day and for my day in the sun.
Seeing everyone wake up was an interesting experience.  I could tell who reapplied the sun screen when they should have and who didn't by the intensity of the red in their faces and exposed skin.  Everyone said how fun it was, how the sun felt great at the time and how the sun was not their favorite today.  Sun is good, sun is bad.  Lucky for them, it was an overcast day but warm non-the-less we headed out on the lake.  Since it was an over-cast day I really didn't slather on the sunscreen.  It was a great day full of jet skiing, tubing and lounging.  Even with the over cast it felt great to be outside.  I could feel all the built-up stagnate energy leave my body.  I needed this!  After being indoors for so long I forgot how invigorating it is to be outside.  It is funny how we get so caught up in what it is we need to do and to get done and how just taking a break and being outdoors once in a while totally recharges the battery.  With that said, I am feeling that instead of being "kissed by the sun" the sun "made out with me" as I am a little burnt in some areas today.  Sun is good, Sun is bad even when it is hiding behind the clouds.  The message here is get outdoors, even if it is for an hour a day and even if it is an overcast day.  It is free therapy but be sure to wear and reapply sun screen even on overcast days.
Sarah Jaeger, Mystic Journey

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