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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still got a lot to learn...

We usually teach what we need to learn. I'm still trying to learn this one: Life is not a one woman show. Helping Sarah J. (along with lots of other good folks) get her new place ready to move Mystic Journey into, I've had several opportunities to remind the tireless, always cheerful dynamo of this, and at the same time, a little voice in my ear whispers, "Back atcha, DM." I don't think it's Sarah muttering under her breath.

For some of us, accepting help isn't the easiest thing. We've been trained to say "Oh, that's alright, I can manage", when we're running on day number three with almost no sleep, juggling the demands of house, career and family, around trying to do those things that will move us forward in life. We don't want to impose on our friends, ask our family to bear with us, much less actually help, nor accept the kindness of strangers. Here's what I try to remember...

1. Delegating is good for everyone. Expecting your family and coworkers to do their share respects them and you. They are capable, they are responsible, and they will be happier when allowed to show it, even if they are snarling at you at the moment.

2. Being a cheerful receiver is as important as being a cheerful giver. When you say "Yes, thank you", you give someone the opportunity to give, which is our purpose on the planet. Put another way, when you say "Yes" to an offer of help, you are doing that person a favor. Let them feel useful, be part of the flow, or build up karma points to balance the snarling.

3. Finally, there are some people whose "free" help is too costly to accept, so do learn to differentiate between Barn Raising Friends and Blood Sucking Mosquitoes disguised as helpers. For now, I'm gonna go help Sarah put a coat of glorious chocolaty brown on the yoga room walls...Yee haw!

Be well, be happy, and say "Yes, thank you!" more often

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