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Thursday, May 6, 2010

betcha didn't know this one

I may not know a single answer in Trivial Pursuit, but I do know some useful tidbits, like put on your rubber dish washing gloves to unscrew a stubborn jar lid, and once a year, actually wash the lint filter in your dryer, as the soap residue builds up and clogs the screen, lowering airflow, and using more energy and time to dry your clothes (thanks Mom, I'm saving about ten minutes a load!) Here's my favorite one, which no one else ever seems to have heard of, but I guarantee it works: You can temporarily plug a leaky radiator with a can of black pepper. Really. Dump in the whole little can, top the tank, and let it run a minute. Pepper flakes actually have little burrs that will catch together and clot, effectively plugging the crack or small hole, as the water runs out. Not a permanent fix, but cheaper than a tow truck half way to Duluth!...AAA isn't such a bad idea either.

I hope you are gearing up for a summer of fun, but don't forget it's actually a great time to have your decorating done. There is a trend toward waiting for fall, but why not do it now, while the family is content to be outside most of the day, and less likely to be inconvenienced by a couple of days of ladders and drop cloths? If you book during the month of May, I will donate 20% of the labor cost to Dollars for Scholars if the work is scheduled for May, and 10% if it's scheduled for June through Thanksgiving. Check out for some examples of what I do, and keep in mind I do a lot of simple faux and decorative paint finishes that aren't shown there. Consultations are free, so give me a call! (952)873-4493.

Dawn-Marie, "Artist in Wonderland" at The Art of the Home

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