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Monday, May 24, 2010


Forgiveness is hard. Especially if someone hurt you severely. How about your feelings when you hurt someone else? That pit in the bottom of your stomach every time you think of what you did to that person or what that person did to you. It dosen't matter who did the hurting or who recieved the hurt you both will be affected and will carry that pit in your stomach until you choose to forgive and accept the forgiveness.

I came across this Forgiveness Prayer from Nanice Ellis ( It is powerful and something to think about especially if you feel stuck and cannot seem to move forward. Let go of the pit in your stomach and set yourself free.

Forgiveness Prayer from Nanice Ellis:
To all those I have ever hurt intentionally or unintentionally, please forgive me be releasing the wound that I inflicted upon you through the sins of my word or deed. My actions and words were mis-givings and I take them back. In forgiving me I ask that you GIVE THEM BACK. Please forgive me by remembering your value and worth and by reclaiming the power of who you really are. Please forgive me by remembering yourself, and so that I can "Re-Member" my own self. Please forgive me by being true to yourself and rejoicing in the beauty of who you really are, as I rejoice with you; seeing you only as glorious and magnificent!

Sarah Jaeger- Mystic Journey

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