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Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenge our convictions

It is funny how this universe works to provide you with what you seek out.
Many of you know that Mystic Journey is adding Yoga to it's line-up of services. I have to be honest with you, I have never gone to a yoga class but I do have a basic understanding of the benefits that yoga can provide. I do believe this practice has helped many physically, mentally and spiritually. So as I am trying to design this yoga studio keeping in mind that it is an eastern practice taking over a western society I felt that I should do a little more research on eastern culture.
I sat in front of my computer and asked the universe to provide me with the tools to create a yoga studio that honors the eastern culture yet also takes into consideration the western culture. I came across this beautiful picture of Kuan Yin. I knew a little about Kuan Yin. I know that she is compared to by some as the Mother Mary of the Buddhist culture and that she is the giver of compassion and mercy to those that suffer.
There was just something about her that really struck a cord with me. I noticed that she had a willow leaf in her right hand and a vase in her left. What does that mean? More research told me that the willow branch is a symbol of healing people's illnesses or bringing fulfillment to their requests. I thought what a great representation of what yoga can do for people physically.
I went on to read about the vase with water. This is a symbol of removing/washing away suffering, purifying the defilement's of our body, speech and mind, and lengthening of life. Again another representation of the benefits of yoga.
I read further, the article then stated; Anyone can be Kuan Yin- it is your compassion that can transform you into Kuan Yin. With your eyes and hands, you can help others, with your compassion, you can bring peace and tranquility to this world. This is what Mystic Journey is all about!
Ask and the universe will provide. Be open to traveling out side of your box. There is so much more help and support out there if you just reach out. Something interests you, look into it. If it is a different belief system, look into it. It just may challenge your convictions and you may acquire insight as to what you already believe in. Have I turned into a Buddhist? No, but I do have an appreciation towards this belief system and I now know how close many belief systems are to each other.
If you resist reading what you disagree with,
how will you ever acquire deeper insight into
what you believe?
The things most worth reading are precisely those
that challenge our convictions.
Sarah Jaeger- Mystic Journey *portions taken from a Buddhist deity article from Buddhist studies.

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