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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's official.  I am the mother of a teenager. I know it is hard to believe that my oh-so-young-looking-self has a thirteen year old, but my son had a birthday on Sunday throwing me into the club of Moms of teens. I have mixed emotions about this.  On one hand, its only a number, but on the other it is a harsh slap of reality that as each year goes by, he is that much closer to becoming an adult.  So I will do my best to cherish each moment in the next several years, and help guide him along a path that will insure a wonderful future as he creates his adult life.  The terms "cut the apron strings" and "cut the umbilical cord" come to mind, but for me it is going to take baby steps so today I am only willing to sever the strings ever so slightly!

Wish me luck and patience!

Lisa Fahey

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