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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Self Comfort

Relaxation can be a tricky thing. Many of us (myself included) have this false belief that relaxing is a waste of time and that there is always something better to do.

Everyone needs moments where they don't have to think or do and can just simply be.  For a lot of overweight people, food is the only luxury they give themselves.  It's the only way they know how to take care of themselves.  It's how they find comfort among all the stress and chaos of everyday life.  In between running the kids to activities, jobs, housework, etc...  That donut, candy bar, chips, or ice cream  Is sometimes the only break they get.  It's the only way they know to give themselves some much needed comfort.

What do you enjoy doing that can give you comfort?  For me I like to read romance novels.  It's a guilty pleasure and it's something I find time to do every day, even if it's just a chapter.  It's how I can escape for a little while and not worry or think about what needs to get done.  It's a healthy distractor. I highly encourage everyone to find something, no matter how small to do for themselves everyday (for at least 15 minutes).  A healthy distractor.  Cause we all need breaks.  And eating unhealthy foods to take care of emotional needs in the long run is just going to hurt you.  Here are some ideas:
  • read
  • Watch a TV program
  • Garden
  • Play a computer game
  • Go for a walk
  • Draw
  • Take a class (for fun) and than practice
  • Learn an instrument
Whatever it is, it should be enjoyable to you and something you look forward to doing. Have fun finding new ways to comfort yourself.

Sarah Bran de Leon

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