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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inner bonding

I have been on my own personal journey for a while now and would love to share with you all what I've been up to.  I have been getting in touch with my inner child and healing old wounds.  It is a long, often hard journey but one I feel so blessed to be on.  When we release our old baggage and connect with our little one (inner child) then we can find so much joy and happiness in life.  When you feel sad, mad, inadequate, lonely. etc....and really stop to listen to what your telling yourself its absolutely amazing.  Our thoughts which stem from our beliefs cause our feelings!  Example)  If your feeling nervous meeting someone new and you really listen to that voice in your head, it might be telling you that your not good enough and that people wont like you (false belief).  And how is that belief going to make you feel?  Sad or scared?  
     Every day, I honor my little one and promise to her, to take care of her and respect her feelings and needs.  I promise to make her a priority and give her what she didn't get as we were growing up. I didn't have the ability to get what I needed as a child but as an adult it is my responsibility to give myself what I want and need.  We don't have control over how anybody else feels or behaves but we do have control over our own beliefs and feelings.  I choose to take care of myself and my prayer for all of you is that you make that same commitment to yourselves.  Your worth it!

The best books I have ever read and that I would recommend to anyone are:
Healing your aloneness       and     Inner bonding         
Both are by Margaret Paul and can be found at

Or you can go to
for a free 7 day email course that goes into more detail about the inner bonding process.

Love yourself,
Sarah Bran de León

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