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The purpose of Keystone Women's Circle is to unite, support and promote women business owners. A keystone is the stone in an arch that binds all others in place. In a circle of stones, every stone is a keystone. We believe that together we can create a foundation, not of brick and mortar, but of relationships and mutual support, enabling all of us to prosper.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I made a pledge will you?

Many of us have been affected by the down turn of the economy.  With this added stress and through our limiting belief systems we feel the need to separate from others and compete because there is not enough.  This separation and the idea that others can hurt you and therefore the need to protect yourself needs to be released. 
We are in a period of great change.  There is a shift happening.  It is a realization that what we have been doing is not supporting our needs anymore.  We are now realizing that the old, limiting belief system is not working and learning that we individually can manifest our truth and live the life we truly want to live.

Today's message is brought to you with the help of Nanice Ellis.  Nanice is certified as a Master Results Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She is vastly experienced in Coaching, Crisis Counseling, and Intuitive Consulting with more than 20 years of Public Speaking experience. Nanice is a member of both the NLP Society and the International Federation of Hypnosis.

According to Nanice: It is time to wake up.  When we embrace oneness - everything changes. Competition falls away. Protection is a thing of the past. Scarcity gives way to infinite abundance. Love rings true and we all choose in the direction of love and kindness. We are now opening to the intrinsic and unquestionable knowing that we really are one of a kind - wherever you look there is only one Kind.
The life you have been dreaming about is awaiting you. All that is required is that you embrace it with open arms and an OPEN HEART as you remember the oneness of Who You Really Are.

The Pledge
The Pledge is an agreement you make to yourself. By committing to this agreement, you will have chosen to align with your highest good and the highest good of all. The Pledge is about personal and global transformation. It is simple yet holds the power to transform your life; and the World! If even 1% of the people on this planet take the pledge, the Earth, herself, will transform and we, the children of Earth, will experience The Harmonic Evolution (THE!)

The Pledge is an opportunity to re-affirm your life and realign it with the life you always intended to create - and live. Most of us have gotten our identities and guidance from educational systems, religions, governments and financial institutions but these crippled and limited systems are falling away; these systems represent old programs and paradigms that have kept us trapped in limiting beliefs of scarcity, unworthiness and limitations. With the falling of these systems, many people are left alone with no identity or guidance to follow. The Pledge is that answer for higher guidance and a new direction.

The Pledge shows you the way and teaches you that the way begins with you. No one has the answers for you and no is going to save you. That fantasy is dead and gone so that a new higher wisdom can swoop down and take its place. The Truth lies intrinsically encoded in the Pledge so that when you take the Pledge and Pass It On, you are saying YES to the Truth and offering it up to those around you. The Pledge gives your life back to you and gives you a seed to plant in your garden; while helping others to plant their own seeds. The Pledge is The New Constitution for a New Life - a New World - a New You.
Nanice Ellis
Join me and countless others who are making to pledge to ourselves to not only benefit our own lives but the world around us.  Go to to make the pledge.
Sarah Jaeger
Mystic Journey

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