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Monday, August 23, 2010

Spritual Message for the day

Today's message is brought to you with the help of the Osho Zen Tarot cards. Sitting in reflection of what you, the reader need at this moment. I pulled out 1 card for a representation of your message.

Card picked- Abundance: A jolly man sits a top a book on a cloud high above the mountain tops.  He is holding a pink lotus flower.  He has grapes on his lap and is dressed in a gown and cloak that is brightly colored with a rainbow of colors.  In the right and left corners of the card, the sun and the moon are present.

Having nice material things is great!  Who doesn't want fancy things right?  Unfortunately, there comes a time when you get bored with the fancy material things and you want something different.  This is because you are not whole.  True abundance is when you are rich in the body; rich in the mind; and rich in the soul.  Only a whole person is a happy person. 

Take a look at your life now.  Where are you lacking in abundance?  Check-in with your body.  What is it saying?  Is it healthy?  If not, now is the time to take the steps towards being healthy.  Check-in with your mind.  What is it saying?  Take a class, read a book on something that interests you.  The mind is always wanting to learn more.  Check-in with your soul.  What is it saying?  Find a way to connect with your spirit.  Attend a church service, meditate, or just take a walk outside and feel God's greatness in nature.

A whole person is an abundant person.

Sarah Jaeger, Mystic Journey

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