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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Default beliefs

I am currently reading a really good book by Sue Patton Thoele called  "The courage to be yourself".  Its a women's guide to emotional strength and self-esteem.  She was talking about default beliefs and how when we're in a crisis or stressful situation we automatically default to our oldest strongest beliefs.  Of which most are negative.  An example would be, If you had a belief that everything was your fault or that you always do things wrong.  When your in a stressful situation or a crisis, say a fight with a spouse or friend, you would automatically pull up the belief that you did something wrong and are to blame for the problems in the relationship. That limiting belief prevents you from looking at the problem from a more realistic perspective and allowing the other person the take responsibility for how they are feeling and handling the situation.  Not to mention the pain that it puts on us for always being responsible for how other people act and feel.  I want to put out there for everyone to become aware of what your default beliefs are and whether they are empowering or limiting.  Whether they are real or false.  I think you might be surprised by what you find.  Happy hunting!

"If I could identify one core problem about the world, it's that we've been taught to distrust ourselves."
-Shakti Gawain

Sarah Bran de León

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