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The purpose of Keystone Women's Circle is to unite, support and promote women business owners. A keystone is the stone in an arch that binds all others in place. In a circle of stones, every stone is a keystone. We believe that together we can create a foundation, not of brick and mortar, but of relationships and mutual support, enabling all of us to prosper.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spiritual message for the day

Recently I have been guided to take a step further on my spiritual path by intuitively passing along messages from spirit.  Today's message is brought to you with the help of the Osho Zen Tarot cards.  Sitting in reflection of what you, the reader need at this moment.  I pulled out 1 card for a representation of your message.

Card picked- The Source:  A brightly colored sun with variations of oranges, reds and intense white.

Today is a day to remember what you are and what you came here to do.  During our busy lives, we seldom take the time to check-in with our "source" energy or that godly light within us.  We get wrapped up in our scheduled existence and may get distracted from our true path.  What does your heart desire? Are your staying true to yourself and what your true feelings are?  Meditate on that today and your answer will come.  It will put things into perspective for you.  No matter how daunting the task may be if it is your hearts desire there will always be a vast reservoir of energy from "source" to sustain you.  Follow your heart which is your "source."

Sarah Jaeger, Mystic Journey

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