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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wow. The post proceeding this one is truely an eye opener for me!  Sarah that was so beautifully written.  I did not grow up in a hunting family, we fed the deer in our backyard in Bloomington along the river valley and would run to the window when one was spotted to watch them.  I don't think my dad owned a gun and if he did, I never saw it.  I wouldn't say I am against hunting, to say that would get me into intense conversations that I do not wish to participate in.  I don't want to see it, I don't like to hear the shots fired and wonder if there is an animal out there suffering, I don't want to hear hunting stories, and I certianly do not want to eat it!  But Sarah's blog shed a new light on the subject for me.  And for a 14 year old to be learning the lesson she is teaching is absolutly heart warming.  I teared up reading the message, and not because I felt bad for the deer (which is typically my reaction) but because there are people out there with wonderful values and morals in a world that most of the time does not make sense to me at all.  YOU are a gift Sarah, not only to your family but to ALL of the lives you are touching.

Lisa Fahey

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