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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gifts from nature

Must of you born and raised Minnesotans know what time of year it is right? 
Now I was raised with a father that was an avid deer hunter.  It was a big deal to go deer hunting.  When I was young I was a tom boy and really enjoyed hunting with my father.  I think a lot of it was that I really enjoyed being outside witnessing nature at its best.  It has been a long time since I hunted with my father.  As an adult, my feelings about deer hunting are mixed.  I do feel there is a need to help control the deer population but the killing of an animal is tough for me. 

I now have a 14 year old boy who is interested in hunting.  He went this year with his step-dad.  Part of me really wants to support him.  I feel that I learned a lot about nature when I was hunting and I want him to experience it for himself and make his own decision about it.

This year my boy was in a deer stand by himself.  Granted my husband was within eye site of him but as a mother I had mixed feelings about this too.  Is he mature enough to make decisions safely?  Is he ready to make the decision to end a life? 

Well, he got a doe.  As he was telling me the story of how the event unfolded I was proud of him.  He made the conscious effort to be safe and to make sure he got a clean shot before he harvested her.  She was a beautiful girl.  As I admired her, thoughts came to mind about gratitude.  About being thankful for the gift she gave to us.  Her life.  I want my son to appreciate nature and the gifts they bring us.  I told him he should thank her spirit for her sacrifice. 

Hoping that my words did not fall on deaf ears, I turned to walk away.  From the corner of my eye I saw him patting her on her chest.  I knew right then and there that a major lesson was taught.  To not think that we are entitled to what we want.  To think that we can just take when we need.  But to ask, receive and be thankful for our gifts especially those gifts from nature.

Sarah Jaeger, Mystic Journey


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Beautifully written Sarah. I am Lisa's sister...Wendy. Like Lisa had written we watched and interacted with deer in a whole different way. I have struggled with hunting vs. not hunting since a young age...(I have been a vegetarian for 28 years) and you gave me a wonderful new perspective to think about. I thank you for that!