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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My family and I returned recently from a most magical vacation. I am absolutely amazed at the level of customer service I received when I misplaced my camera (with over 300 photos from the trip to that point.) I had left my camera bag at our dining table on a cruise ship. I noticed a few hours later when we were back in Orlando at our hotel. I called the cruise line and they promptly called me and said they indeed had found it. I was overwhelmed with relief. Photography is my passion and this had been a trip of a lifetime. To my amazement, I was told that a courier service was on the way to deliver my camera to the hotel I was at. It was at the front desk by the time we returned from dinner and there was NO CHARGE to me for what clearly was my error. What company goes the extra mile and takes care of their customers in such a way as this? DISNEY, of course! I will make it my goal to take care of each of my customers the way DISNEY took care of me. 100% satisfaction and more!

Lisa Fahey

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