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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Act of Receiving

We are accustomed to the act of giving. It has been stressed throughout all belief systems. Lend a helping hand to those in need. Share your gifts with others etc. Giving can be perceived by some as a virtue.

What about the act of receiving? For some this is a hard thing to do. You may feel guilty about accepting gifts and help from others. There may be some anxiety as to how you can repay this person for the gifts and help they so graciously offered. In order to create balance there needs to be a give and take, or more appropriately a give and receive.

Below is an affirmation that I came across on the Cirkla Holistic Directory that explains this process very well. So the next time someone wants to give you something, accept it. Really accept it and when the time is right you will be able to continue that circle of energy and pass it on to someone else.

Receiving affirmation:
I give and receive without expectation. I accept gifts from
others with an open heart and allow myself to do it without
feeling a need to reciprocate immediately.

I know that when I truly receive without reciprocation, it opens
a channel to allow me to give without expectation at another time
for someone else.

I also know that, by giving without expectation, I am freeing
others to experience the gifts of the universe with an open heart.

Be sure to give and receive today with an open heart! Sarah Jaeger- Mystic Journey

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