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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Change your mind, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you

Tonight I attended a follow up potluck for a class I took a couple of months ago at Unity of the Valley, in Savage, MN. In telling our stories of what had happened to us in the two months since the class, one theme was apparent: Every time someone changed how they chose to think about themselves or a difficult situation, there were immediate changes in the people around them, or in their own bodies.

It's true that we create the life we experience. If you are faced with difficult people, you can choose to believe differently, and they will change their behavior toward you. If you choose to believe differently about yourself, others will automatically follow suit. One man told of being burned out at work, and his wife pointed out that he liked to be appreciated. He had a flash of insight that he himself had not been appreciating his good qualities, and he spent a restless night thinking about this. The next morning, feeling a sense of peace, he was going about his job when the two most difficult people he was dealing with called him in to ask a quick question. To his surprise, the dynamics were completely different! They were appreciative of his contributions, and they had a long, productive and enjoyable conversation. Needless to say, when his wife called him at lunch time to say she was fine with him quitting, he told her "No, I don't think I need to."

"Changing your mind" can be difficult. Two of my best recommendations: A book called "In the Flow of Life", by Eric Butterworth, which gives great insight into how to change your mind, and hypnotherapy sessions with Sarah Bran de Leon (link is on the right side of this page), which can be very helpful to root out deep seated beliefs. How do I know they work? Thanks to a refresher reading of Butterworth this morning, pain in my heel that flares when I am stressed disappeared within minutes of an attitude adjustment, and thanks to Sarah, I've let go of a little over twenty pounds (so far) without dieting.

And, if you want to see where I found this translation of the words of Jesus and St. John, check out, click on "icons", and look for the icon (painting) of St. John in the Desert, clicking for details. Even if you aren't actually religious, the detail and beauty of the art is stunning.

Wishing you a heavenly weekend!...Dawn-Marie

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