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Thursday, March 10, 2011


So this morning, we had to leave early for school cause my son, Gabriel was nominated for a Terrific Tiger at his school.  He was caught being good:-)  So the school asked the nominated kids and parents/family to come to the school for donuts.  that was @ 7:50.  I was rushing around this morning cause my other child was sick and I wasn't sure if she was going to school and going early means that we lose 20 minutes of morning rush.  So I'm making breakfast.  Scrambled eggs.  One egg was cracked in a bowl and the other was on it's way when it slipped out of my hand.  I did some fast moves (think, like a cat:-) managed to save the egg that was flying while I managed to somehow knock the bowl off the counter, which than flew half way across the kitchen and shatter.  Sending egg and shattered glass across the whole kitchen.....  My son was there as I was saying "son of a b......iscut".  Than I went for something a little less colorful... "dammit".  Doesn't have quite the same feeling to it but better than nothing.  My son askes me it he can say dammit also.  I said "sure".  So he gives it a try.  "wow, that does feel better" he says, as he leaves me to clean it up.

Sometimes you just have to say "dammit" (or your choice of words).  But somehow I think it should be left up to the people who actually have to clean up the mess.

Some mornings we can just do without.
But the donut at school was good:-)

Hope everyone has a great day today.  If not just say "dammit".  You'll feel better.

Sarah Bran de Leon

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Dawn-Marie (Quinche) deLara, Artist in Wonderland said...

Well, as you know, I use far stronger language, but I never use dammit. Why? If things are going badly, why ask for the situation to be damned? Yell "bless it" in the same tone of voice, and mutter, "the pig f-----" under your breath, if you really need to swear. It'll make you feel even better. :)