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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Earth

The Earth, I love the earth and all the people in it. It helps you live, and it is where we live. I don't like it when people hurt it. I think it is very sad for itself, the people,and the animals in it. like when we have oil spills a lot of animals die because of that. I think that we should be more careful, like if we are going to a close by friend or neighbor we might not have to take a car we could ride a bike or rollerblade. The earth never grows old it stays young and all things in it like mountains, rivers, ponds, plains ext. they are alwase are fun to look at but we are makeing them very dirty and dark, dont like looking at trash in oceans. I wonder how they looked a long time ago, I think they looked GREAT. I hope in a long time we can reduce, reuse, and recycle everything! BYE!

                                                                         BY,Tyson Fahey
                                                                                                 Age 10

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