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Monday, March 22, 2010

Through the eyes of a child.

I just got back from Wisconsin visiting my very best friend and her new baby late last night. Being in the presence of a new born child is an amazing experience. The delicate hands, the delicate feet, and then you look into their eyes and experience the pureness of their heart. This angel that has chosen to come to earth. You wonder what is she going to be? What is her mission here in this life and how I am blessed to be in her presence. Little did I know that this three month old had a message to pass onto me. What she taught me was to take a look at my own life at this moment. What is it that I want to be? What is my mission here in this life? Am I living up to the truth that is within my soul?

Sometimes, on our journey through this life we may get lost, take a wrong turn or hit a dead end. Know that it is never to late to become what you might have been. The answers are there for you you just have to ask and be open to all the possibilities as to how your question will be answered. Even through the eyes of a child.
Sarah Jaeger, Mystic Journey

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